Defining Freedom Down: Truly Obscene

Originally ran in May, when I had few followers. Still timely, and even more urgent. Please share this with friends, colleagues, and your email list.


Aficionados of high-technology—from computers to iPods—have already learned to offer their gratitude, grudgingly or gladly, to American porn merchants. It is clear from even a cursory examination of technological progress over the last 50 years that the demand for adult content has driven advances in computing, communications, commerce, and consumer electronics.

It would not be far off base to say that every soccer mom watching a new Blu Ray DVD of a PG-rated movie owes a debt to Larry Flynt and Ron Jeremy for making X-rated ones. America owes a great debt to the porn industry for the 21st century’s media-rich, high-speed, always-on, 800-channel, hyper-individualistic lifestyle. Of this there is little doubt, and the story has (finally) gotten out.

Yet there is a much more serious issue facing our nation of plugged-in individuals, one that until recently never got quite the amount of press accorded the latest PlayStation or Hollywood…

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