Update 9/7/13: The second and final installment of “Manning-Snowden 2016” will be posted this coming week. I wanted this first part to be fresh in everyone’s mind when reading the second. I thank you, one and all.


Let Freedom Ring Rage

The Whistleblower Party has a strong duo for the upcoming election, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, each of whom earned the gratitude of all liberty-loving people worldwide with their revelations of U.S. government criminality. Of course, there are very important aspects of this whole tale that are not being addressed or, if they are, are being muted, mischaracterized, and demonized by the Establishment’s media functionaries.

Manning-Snowden 2016

I don’t care as much about people’s politics as I do their principles, and their intellectual honesty and congruency. By the latter terms I mean that, if they held as a principle during the Bush years that government spying was bad, they now hold the same principle and oppose Obama’s similar (even worse) actions. The ACLU has been quite consistent in its principled opposition to the surveillance state, through both Republican and Democratic administrations.

It is disheartening, however, as I look…

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