D.C. ≠ “Dimension of Camelot”


Camelot is not remotely like Washington, D.C.
There’s a big clock on the moon, for one thing.


  • No Imperial Congress, No Royal White House
  • Congress Subject to All Laws (“Goose & Gander”  Policy)
  • Mandatory Drug Testing for Government Employees

• No Imperial Congress, No Royal White House

“D.C.” does not stand for “Dimension of Camelot” and it never did, no matter what JFK hagiographers say, and the political elites in the capital of the U.S. do not constitute a royal or privileged class. There is but one class, legally speaking, in America, and no second-class citizens. We are tired of the nation’s “leaders” treating themselves as if they were rulers instead of servants.

One of our slogans is, “Enough Is Too Much.” We say it’s time for “public servants”—starting with elected officials at all levels of government, later to include all government officers, employees, full-time contractors, etc.—to give up their lavish perks, golden-parachute retirement packages, gold-plated health insurance plans, free cellphones, official cars, free travel, all of it.

There is no reason whatever for an “Imperial Congress”—or Judiciary, or Executive Branch, either. It’s way past time to take a look at the amount that we, the taxpaying public, have to spend on our elected representatives—and that’s just for starters. We’ll get to the rest of the government pork barrel in due time, and will kick off this agenda item by focusing on Washington, D.C., specifically the salaries and benefits the Congress has lavished on itself. Since the Executive Branch is headquartered there, too, we’ll add the White House to the first to-do list, as well.

• Congress Subject to All U.S. Laws (“Goose & Gander” Policy)

Congress has exempted itself and other large portions of the state apparatus from the laws, rules, regulations, and micromanagement it imposes on the rest of the country. The Congress is exempt from Obamacare, EPA regulations, OSHA safety requirements, labor law, the minimum wage, and whatever else it deems itself (and its buddies) too “enlightened” or “elevated” to bother with or be bothered by.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and we support simple, plain-English legislation that prevents government officials, elected or otherwise, from placing themselves above the law (or to the side, or beyond it). Politicians have been slow to learn just how damaging their meddling and micromanaging has been to the country, in part because they’ve not had to deal with the consequences, unforeseen and otherwise, of their legislation. Perhaps when they discover that what’s bad for the geese (the people) is also bad for them (the ganders), some valuable lessons can be learned. We’re not holding our breath for that eventuality, but our Goose & Gander Policy is a start.

• Mandatory Drug Testing for Government Employees

Needless to say, members of Congress and persons serving in the other areas of government—the traditionally recognized Judicial and Executive branches, and the secretly assimilated media outlets, plus (oh, what the heck, let’s go for it) every government employee at every level of local, county, regional, state, district, and national operation)—should also be subject to mandatory drug testing.

In Congress, all Representatives to the left of Rep. Peter King (R-NY)* who are found with no drugs in their systems should then be prescribed medical marijuana for attitude enhancement. In the Executive Branch, Choom Gang franchises will be established. And in the courts, “party to a motion” will take on an entirely new meaning. Black robes, twerking, and cannabis: a lethal combo!

* That’s everybody.


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