A Whole New Meaning for “Space Race”

I got this e-mail today:

Today’s space shuttle flight (now delayed) includes former migrant worker, Jose Hernandez (http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/Space/story?id=8399026). This seems worthy of a little humor:

TOP 10 things heard aboard the International Space Station when Jose arrives:

#10. Welcome to space…time to get to work. The toilets are clogged and the kitchen’s a mess…

I usually just trash silly stuff, but this message had the additional traits of boorishness and nativism. I replied to the sender, one Mr. Carner, thus:

Oh, brother. Isn’t everyone a little tired of the Mexican jokes? Why not pick on my forebears, the suicidally socialized Swedes? Check that guy’s name, too, in the copy of NASA’s press release—it’s asking for trouble: Christer Fuglesang.

The Swedish government just prohibited a couple from naming their baby girl “Michael.” I know one personally, and there’s Michael Learned, the actress, as precedent. But no, the mighty and omniscient State has spoken! How is it they didn’t catch “Fuglesang”?

As for Jose, I like nothing better than seeing immigrants arrive, advance, learn, and contribute. It should be applauded, not mocked. How’d you end up here, Mr. Carner? I am assuming you aren’t Native American.

I would counsel Jose to reply, “You clean the toilet, pendejo,” should anyone have the utterly classless notion to give him such a command.

Not to mention you should thank every migrant worker in the U.S. for those yummy strawberries. Fat chance you’d ever pick your own.

Man, can we just get past this freakin’ silliness? It’s actually much more humorous (even witty) to pick on yourself and your own “people,” as you have the license to dig deeper without being labeled a racist. That’s what I like about Paul Rodriguez and especially Chris Rock. If I said what they did, I’d be lynched.

For this group, I’d recommended Jeff Foxworthy. Funny, funny, funny guy. And he’s right—white people are so “goldang silly” you don’t need to pick on anyone else.


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