The Campaign/Damn Pain Lie List

Time to put up and shut up. I’ve been waiting for The List to come out, and since I haven’t seen it, I suppose I will have to write one myself. You know, The List we always get as we pass the halfway point of a new oligarch’s first year, a simple list of the President’s campaign promises and a status report on each.

I want someone else to do the tedious research job, the couple hours of Googling to find out if he even deigned to mention when Guantanamo might be, you know, closed. As in, well, I hate to be so blunt, but as in not open, you know? The same old un-Constitutional BS is still going on down there, the same as happened under the last President, the estimable Mr. George W. Bush, the Black Hat to Obama’s White.

Another item that should rank pretty high on The List is continuing the Bush policy of raiding medical marijuana dispensaries, particularly in California. This is a clearcut case of out and out lying, as Attorney General Eric Holder announced this spring that the Administration would not be raiding medical marijuana  facilities in such states as have passed legislation or had referenda to establish them. The Feds are still doing it, but say they’re only riding along with local and state authorities. Oh, that’s okay, then.

For anyone who thought Obama was a peace candidate, he just sent 20 or 25 thousand more young men to Afghanistan. Iraq is getting dicey and the Prez is out of his league, it seems. This is one of the items on The List that has blood on it, and I don’t like it. I don’t see that American interests are either threatened or served in these so-called wars. And the President differs from his predecessor how, exactly?

Also on The List: What happened to all that legislation, like the health care and bailout bills, that we were going to be reading courtesy of The First Man, Barack Obama, at his very hip and celebreligious White House website? I think he slapped one up there for a minute, out of how many? As it turns out, there’s no reason to worry, because evidently the Congress doesn’t read most of the bills, either, and things are going just great.

Who’s going to write that dang list?


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